Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And Lo, The Heavens Spunked On Earth

Last Thursday saw The Stabilisers' new line-up get its official airing at The Hope & Anchor pub in norf London (big, BIG thanks to all those who braved the cold for coming to see us - hope you'll all be dancing to our version of Stop The Cavalry that's on the free CD prior to scoffing your turkey). Also on this punk Rock Til You Drop Xmas special were The Outbursts (who delivered in more ways than one) and 14 Carat Grapefruit (the Derek & Clive of punk), it was an honour to be there. Unfortunately, the brilliant Punks Not Dad couldn't make it due to weather restrictions which was a shame. Still, I'm sure the prospect of supporting The Buzzcocks will not dampen their festive spirits too much.

Have a great Xmas everyone, Brrrr!


savannah said...

wow, sugar! over 47000 views on myspace! good luck with the band! happy christmas to all y'all! xoxoxox

(play a song for me on my birthday, ok?)

Piley said...

Top work fella... Maybe catch you guys in the new year eh?

Merry Christmas Ist.


Axe Victim said...

Merry Christmas mate. And don't forget to get on over to http://axefm.blogspot.com
for the AXE FM Christmas special. There's a few sweary bits mind. Most of 'em from you!

The Mistress said...

One misses so much over here in The Colonies.

Happy Christmas!

rockmother said...

Sorry to have missed it Ister. I am sure it was a blinder! Well done you and have a lovely Chrismas XX

Dick Headley said...

Merry Christmas Ist. Cyu next year.

Istvanski said...

Savvy - Yep, that's 47,000 times we've checked our messages on MySpace x

Piley - We'll play Southend if you could blag us a gig!

AxeFMbloke - I was able to stream it through my (ahem) PSP ;-)

MJ - You missed my humongous balls up on "Taking The Piss".

RoMo - Cheers. Hope you had a good 'un.

DH - Will do, Dick. Any particular venue? The Selkirk perhaps?

Hope everyone had a great Xmas!