Saturday, November 21, 2009

Got Any Quo?

Croydon had loads of it at the start of the week and it was all contained within the concrete carbuncle of The Fairfield Halls. I shan't waffle on too much about Quo's performance other than they were the consumate professionals that you'd expect them to be after such longevity in the biz. Christ, they've been around for longer than I've walked this earth and I suppose that's one of the reasons why their audience 'has become more select', most of them having since died. Also, being shunned by lots of popular radio stations over the years since the late eighties certainly doesn't help matters when it comes to maintaining popularity.
They're an easy target for ridicule (much like Cliff Richard) and if it wasn't for their hardcore fanbase they'd be driving taxis for a living. What a lot of Quo ridiculistas fail to remember is that this lot are a good time party band. Let's face it, you must be one of life's miserable cunts if you fail to raise a smile when you see and hear these gents perform "Rockin' All Over The World" or "Down Down". No? Oh bugger off back to your Cocteau Twins and Leonard Cohen and draw the curtains on the world while you're at it. Quo provide the soundtrack for a shindig and unlike Jools bleedin' Holland, their boogie comes naturally. C'mon, live a little and let whatever hair you have down. Gawd bless 'em.
More pictures here.


savannah said...

great pictures, sugar! and the vid was fun! xoxox

KAZ said...

Yeah Francis - love the new haircut.

Piley said...

I saw their Glasto performance on the box this year and have to say, like em or hate em, they know how to work a crowd. I thought they were great...


Martin said...

I've been going to see Quo now for the last 34 years and they've always delivered the goods and made for a great night out. About time Rossi and Parfitt found themselves in the new Years honours list.

The Mistress said...

If they're good enough for Les Battersby, they're good enough for me.

Jayne said...

Good on 'em :-)
Old Rockers Never Die! (she says, humming 'here we go-oh, rocking all over the world')

Liz said...

I don't know why some people have to be so snobby about music. Quo are just a bit of fun and they prove that you're never too old to rock.

rockmother said...

Nowt wrong with a bit of Quo here and there.

Furtheron said...

Now a very very long time ago when I was but a mere lad of about 12 or so I bought my Columbus Strat copy... one reason ... it looked like the guitar that Rossi was playing on the inside of Blue For You.

I then learnt a whole hell of a lot of Quo in the next year or so... they have a lot to answer for. :-)

Istvanski said...

Savvy - Thanks. Those boys in the vid do a good take on Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric". x

Kaz - The haircut has finally reached middle-aged respectability.

Piley - The Glastonbury footage of them was good. I loved the pre and post gig interviews with the band and how the Glasto experience had won them over.

Martin - Hello! Perhaps we could start an online petition to get them knighted?

Jayne - I can see them out-living many of their fans.

Liz - I used to be a music snob. Now it's a case of falling in to two categories: 1. Music I like and 2. Music I dislike. There's still a lot of stuff that deserves to be mocked, each to their own I guess.

MJ - Yes, I vaguely remember that episode of Corrie. Something to do with sueing The Quo or was it the other way around?

Romo - Nowt wrong with a bit at all. So long as it's just a bit. You can have too much of a good thing.

Thanks for your comments folks and I'd like to thank Howesy (who has special Quo insider info which helped with this post). Roll on Wembley.

Howesy said...

You're welcome Ister!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Status Quo are NOTHING LIKE Cliff Richard young man. I enjoyed the ukelele version. I have always felt an affinity with Francis Rossi as we share a birthday. Merry Christmas.

Istvanski said...

Howesy - Top boy!

Daphne - Hello and welcome. What I meant was that the similarity lies in the lack of radio play that both act get on Radio One.
Does anybody actually listen to Radio One nowadays?
What's that?
Who the hell is Chris Moyles?!?

Palace Fan thats a NEW Dad said...


Hope you have had a great Xmas.

I saw the Quo at Selhurst ! That was some years ago, first concert I ever went to. My dad took me.