Monday, March 08, 2010

Initial Impressions # 5: Aston & Bournville (including competition)

I'm doing these places in aphabetical (as opposed to chronological) order of visitation, so let's get the footie out of the way first.

The home of Aston Villa FC is a fine stadium going under the name of Villa Park and its grandeur befits a club of such status; no hot Vimto for sale here then. Following a somewhat unfair result at Selhurst Park, it was off to Brum for the FA Cup replay between us and Martin O'Neil's side. Although this wasn't the final, it was another cup knock-out for Warnock's Red & Blue Army (having been defeated by a far superior Manchester City side in the League Cup last August). Warnock himself would leave us with a draw the following Saturday against Doncaster Rovers before moving on to QPR as their new gaffer. Super bloody hoops.

Villa Park ratings:
Stadium - Fine architectural structure in good nick
Security - Stewards outnumbered by police
Food - Black country pudding
Transport - Free car parking in the nearby industrial park providing you arrive early. It's either that or the train - good luck with the crowds.
(Aston Villa 3 - C Palace 1 - bleedin' penalties, innit. Attendance: 31,874)
Now the interesting part which is a follow up to this post and pay attention, there's a real competition later. Prior to the game, a visit to one of Birmingham's nicer areas, Bournville, was due. It's famous for the Cadbury's - sorry, Kraft - factory and it is a humungous place. It conjures up images of Willy Wonka's fictional HQ described in Roald Dahl's book, but with an art-deco twist to its design in some places. A waft of processed chocolate fills the air as a pleasant after thought.
The onsite Cadbury World Experience is mostly aimed at children, a brief history here and an amusement arcade ride there but if you're wishing for an indepth tour of the factory, forget it. You're allowed to see a (very) brief part of the packaging process - which is a mechanical marvel of engineering - but the rest of the place is shrowded in mystery and taking pictures inside this glorious establishment is forbidden.
Should you manage to make this pilgrimage, be sure to take the ten minute walk around the perimeter of the place to the factory outlet store where you'll be able to buy as much chocolate as you can eat for knock down prices. I got my fill, believe you me. A few more pictures here.
So, onto the competition. We are giving away Cadbury's related goodies to the lucky person who replies with answers worthy of a Golden Ticket. Let's take a look at what you could win. Anthea, please bring on the prizes;
1 x Cadbury Rubik's Cube,
1 x Cadbury World booklet,
4 x Cadbury World drink mats,
6 x vintage Cadbury's picture postcards,
1 x ultra hi-tech Creme Egg USB mouse with mouse mat,
1 x Cadbury World thimball, Flake pen, Cadbury fridge magnet, keyring, leather bookmark and enamel pin badge.
Most items above will be elegantly housed within a Cadbury's vintage style chocolate tin.
I may even chuck in a packet of Koko (unopened) depending on how hungry I get.

People who wish to enter will have to answer in full the following question:
What is the historical link between Aston Villa FC & Crystal Palace FC in relation to the latter's inauguration as a club at the start of the early 1900's?

In the event of a tie-breaker, please complete the following statement:
"I want to have a fat arse and a spotty face this Spring (because / to / for / so that*)...."
*Delete as neccessary.

Send your answers with your name by email to:

Small print:
One entry per person only. Closing date for entries is March 31st 2010. The writer of this blog will not be held responsible for any heart attacks, weight gain, bloated stomachs and dermatological conditions due to this unofficial Cadbury's promotion. The editor's decision regarding bribes is usually final, so the best of British luck to ya.


Piley said...

a timely visit too old son. who knows how the yanks will fu.., erm, change it around? Unlikely to be for the better is it?

I've never been, but know a few people who have - the bargain bucket prices on the choc itself always seems to the the highlight tho!

No idea on your comp... cant you make it a bit easier?! like one of those multiple choicers on 'This Morning'? I suggest:

What type of sweet to Cadbury make? is it

a) refreshers
b) imps
c) chocolate

I say 'C'!


Istvanski said...

The Kraft development will be interesting, hopefully the taste of the chocolate as we know it won't change. If it ain't broke...

As for the difficult question...well, it's not something I'd expect anyone to know off the top of their heads (apart from Big Nige who resides in block v of the Arthur Wait stand), but isn't that what Google's for?

Admittedly, the prize isn't worth 5 minutes of Googling, but hey! You gave it a try and you've come through! If I get anymore correct entries I'll tap you up for the tie-breaker.

Maybe I should include an alternative multiple choice question on your advice but I'll keep it footie related as it's pertinent to the post. Here goes;

What did CPFC inherit from AVFC in 1905?
a) Brummie accents
b) financial headaches
c) team colours

That should whet a few appetites...

savannah said...

cadbury chocolate easter eggs. thank god, they only sell them for a month! seriously, i couldn't believe kraft bought them out, sugar. i didn't even read the test, i was so fixated on chocolate! xoxoxo

savannah said...

didnt i leave a comment here, sugar? *sigh* xoxox

too damn funny, seriously, vw: whers

Istvanski said...

You did indeed leave a comment, Savvy, I've only just got around to return here lately to check.
I hope Kraft don't tinker with something that ain't broke ie; the taste of the chocolate.
I bought a whole box of Cadbury's Creme Eggs and I now can't find or remember where I've put them. Crisis in Ister Towers!
WV: whersmyeggs...

dh said...

Alas my football knowledge is limited to Beckham's tendon these days but I did watch 'The Damned United' on a plane the other day. An excellent film I thought.

Istvanski said...

The lack of knowledge is no barrier for 5 minutes worth of Googling, Dick, so there's still time to enter.

I enjoyed both the film and the book of Damned United. Inspired casting re: that bloke who played Don Revie.
I met a few lads from Derby last summer who wouldn't even consider going to see the film out of sheer respect for Cloughie's memory. Fair enough.

Liz said...

Shucks, i missed the closing date!