Friday, February 12, 2010

Initial Impressions # 4: Scunthorpe & The Stranglers

Scunny. What's there to say about Scunny?
Shall we just move on to the match?
Glanford Park ratings:
Stadium - corrugated iron shack on breeze blocks
Security - friendly but confused stewards
Food - hot Vimto @ 50 pence a go
Transport - car parking close by. I left shortly after the opposition equalised in the eighty fourth minute, thereby missing Danns's winning goal in extra time. Bugger.
(Scunthorpe United 1 - C Palace 2. Attendance: 5,698). More pictures here.
Next up: The Stranglers. Here's The Meninblack rehearsing their new single. Jet Black is 71 years old.


rockmother said...

Isn't Jet Black quite a legendary genius hero of our time? x

Mondo said...

Love it - saw The Strang's last year. Still got the magic

Furtheron said...

See there it is again... an away win. Don't understand that at all - I can juggle with infinity all day but an away win... even in alternative universes surely Gillingham couldn't get an away win... ludicrous suggestion, ludicrous...

Away win!? :S

Istvanski said...

Romo - If anything, Jet's a canny businessman. I'm really happy that a lot of my fave music people are still actively going strong. I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall in that ice cream van all those years ago.

Mondo - They're touring soon and I can't wait to see 'em again. What I love about them is that they always seem to have time for their fans.

Furtheron - So you reckon Gillingham's 4 - 0 loss against Brentford would've been halved to 2 - 0 in a parallel universe?
Oh ye of little faith.
It would've been 8 - 0 to the Bees.
Good luck with the gig this weekend.

Alma Jones said...

Hi there! I was wondering if you would consider posting an article of mine. It's about an up and coming band about to enter mainstream this year. They are currently working with D.Bascombe, the producer/ mixer who has collaborated with Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Verve, Suede, etc.

I'm providing you the article and pics. And, for your effort, I'm including a free mp3 of the band's song which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did! :D The article may also help drive a different population demographic to your site, which will hopefully further increase your readership. :D

Tell me if you're interested in posting my article. Thanks for your time! Oh, and sorry for posting my request here - couldn't find a "contact" link. Feel free to delete my comment once you've read it. :)


Istvanski said...

Alma dearest,

You don't *need* me or my blog to help you plug your band, besides which my contractual obligations to The Stabilisers thoroughly forbid it.

If I want someone else to write my own blog for me then I'll put out a request for someone to do so. Have you thought of starting your own blog / Facebook / MySpace / Twitter site so that you can publicise this band? Are they from Scunthorpe?

The fact that your comment sounds thoroughly generic and the fact that you do not have contact details yourself (your profile is "not available" according to Blogger - come on, reveal yourself, don't be shy), suggests you're nowt but a virulent spambot.

Look, this might come across as sounding quite arrogant and I'm not making apologies here, but the time I've wasted on writing this reply to you is worth more than a poxy mp3. I'm also very happy with both of my regular readers and have no need of a wider audience. Honestly, is that the best you can do to tempt me to publish your advert?

You should be grateful that you've even been acknowledged.

MJ said...

I just like saying Scunthorpe.

Piley said...

Saw Hugh Cornwell last year and he was great live - unbeleavable that he's been gone from the Stranglers for 20 years now!!! yes TWENTY!!!! I still think of the post-Hugh line up as "they won't last without him"!! haha! They have actually lasted longer without him than with! Don't think i know many others to have lost the lead singer yet still go on to be just as good.


KAZ said...

Whenever I hear *Scunthorpe* Ian Botham springs to mind.
Love the Stranglers.
NB I've linked to you in my latest post which mentions your academic success

Istvanski said...

MJ - I like saying "flange". Part of my Tourette's vocabulary.

Piley - when I saw Hugh with The Stranglers twenty years ago, he looked as though he was just going through the motions; he seemed passionless, bored, he looked as though he'd rather be anywhere else but with them.
Paul Roberts came next, he had lots of enthusiasm but he didn't quite fit in, he lacked that slightly sinister edge that The Stranglers could be known for (gaffa taping a journalist to the Eiffel Tower after a bad review).
Baz Warne does a better job. He performs with just as much gusto as Roberts and he has the right stage presence plus his voice isn't too bad for a Mackem.

Kaz - Poor old Scunthorpe suffers from having a glamourous neighbour. Grimsby.
Cheers for the link, I hope Blogger doesn't crash from all the redirected traffic coming my way ;-?

Liz said...

Hot Vimto, yum.

B&Q, by the way. The Cooke and Lewis range.

Howesy said...

How funny!
Now, I wonder if you would mind publishing an article I've written?
It's about the problems of excessive masturbation in the over 40s and the health risks that involves. I feel this may connect with the demographic of your readership, and may even be of some help to yourself?
Anyway, I enclose a pair of thick lensed glasses and a jazz mag.
Thanks sweetie!
Oh, and thanks for that vile text the other day, I've only just stopped vomiting...

Istvanski said...

Liz - Hot Vimto?!? Yum??? I take it you're being sar-car-stik? Or did I miss the sign saying "Hot Vimto For Sale" at The Liberty Stadium?

You're the second happy customer that I know who's dealt with B&Q when it comes to kitchens. They made a right hash with the logistics regarding my bathroom; I heard the warning bells at the early stages so I pulled out of the deal.

And on the subject of "pulling out"...

Howesy - Perhaps I could publish your article alongside that text joke and then I could rename this blog "A Load of Old Wank". Actually I thought that text was the sickest joke since the one Barnesy told me years ago.

I received an accidental text yesterday, it said: "Hi, be home soon, love ya, Dave xxx"
Being Valentine's Day I thought I'd have a bit of fun so I text the bloke back:
"Don't bother, I don't love you, you're a cunt & I have been shagging your brother."
I couldn't wait for the reply, then it came:
"You ok mum?"    

savannah said...

i LOVE the text convo! serves y'all right, sugar! *snickering* but, i digress...ok, what was the post about/ ok, yeah, why'd y'all leave before the match was over? xoxoxo

Istvanski said...

Savvy - It's the comments that maketh a blog, not the content.
We tend to leave before a match if:
a) we're losing with no chance of a recovery and
b) to avoid the rush of the crowd after the final whistle has blown. In the past I've been delayed by up to one hour just trying to leave a stadium's parking lot at the end of a game. Bad organisation, sugar xx