Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hungarian Prog-cast

It's been too long since this neglected blog was updated. It's been a busy time, but not too busy to discover some rare super-psychedelic grooves from behind the Iron Curtain as it was then called.
Here we have a Depcast that does away with my usual drivel inbetween songs, this is more of a mix-tape and it's much better for it.
So Ladies and Germs, we have for your delectation nine songs covering the most popular of Hungarian progressive bands dating from the late Sixties. Some are more obscure than others and some are arguably less progressive sounding. However, it's interesting to note that there was a period when western music was banned for a while in Hungary, but it still seeped through tight border controls with other capitalist novelties like Levi jeans and chewing gum, which means that these bands were quite progressive for their time.

Download here.
Here's the set-list:
1. Panta Rhei - Út A Városba.
2. Piramis - Mondj Egy Mesét (English version in link).
3. Illés - Goodbye London (Hungary's premier Schlager band).
4. Fonográf - Társasjáték.
5. Locomotiv GT - Ezüst Nyár.
6. Omega - The Man Without A Face.
7. Skorpió - Döntsd El Végre Már.
8. Quimby - Toast (Ska-prog).
9. Piramis - A Fénylő Piramisok Árnyékában (This could've been the score for any Dirty Harry film).

This podcast is designed to whet your appetite, or not. You be the judge.
Oh, and a belated happy birthday to my Dad (17th August), wherever you are.


savannah said...

very cool! downloading now. i'll listen later, sweet pea! xoxoxox

Rockmother said...

This is bloody brilliant Ister. Not only have you returned from behind the blog curtain, you've posted up the most interesting thing I've seen for ages. Lots of love RM xx

Istvanski said...

Glad you enjoyed it Romo, these bands had oodles of melodies oozing out of every orifice.