Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul R.I.P

More people were affected by Les Paul's inventions and all round talent than they realise. The inventor of multitrack recording and the innovator of one of the most beautiful guitars in history will be missed. Gawd bless his soul. There's a better tribute to Les over at Planet Mondo's


Anonymous said...

Indeed ... the passing of a giant!

savannah said...

when i first heard of his passing, i thought of you and dive and all of the glorious photos y'all have posted. may he rest in peace. xoxox

(when did comment moderation start?)

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Piley said...

Always sad when a genuine icon passes... he reached some age, bt sad none the less.

Geoff said...

Multitracking was a fantastic invention. Better, even, than the electric guitar.

Good ol' Les.

Liz said...

What a talent. And stick rocking in his 90s.

Mondo said...

One of my first blog-bits was about Les Paul. It's almost impossible to overstate his contribution to modern music.

Another legend lost.

Joanne Casey said...

accch he'll, wait.

Ken Skinner said...

Wow. My word verification was lepbrst!

Okay, no it wasn't. It was larsw.

Still, wouldn't that have been spooky?

I thought to myself 'shame I never got to see him play in NY'.

Tim rubbed his hands together and asked whether it meant my guitar would be worth more!!!!!

Istvanski said...

JDA - Dying's rubbish, innit?

Savvy - Comment moderation? The clue is in the comments of the last post.
Word Verification was too spooky.

Piley - Yes, a good innings was achieved but I wish I saw him play.

Geoff - Multitracking rules. The man was a genius.

Liz - Stick rocking? Ah yes, every elderly person needs the aid of a stick to rock with...

PM - That's a good tribute to Les on yours. Loved it.

Joanne - I've heard that they've banged the coffin nails in already.

Kenski - That's a point. Are Les Paul guitars that were made during Les Paul's lifetime going to be worth more in the future?
Watch this space...

Apologies for lack of blogging action, but in the meantime, here's a joke:

Question : How many bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb ?
Answer : I don't like to sound too presumptuous but I think I can do it by myself. No offense.

Furtheron said...

I heard this whilst in teh USA and didn't have time for a post. I should do this man changed the world. Stupidly I never took the chance to see him in NYC at his Monday night residency.

rockmother said...

How high the moon - he was a bloody genius - and still played live every week up to his going.

(blimey - my word verif is koxack - er ...yes..anyway)

Istvanski said...

Furtheron - I too regret not going to see him when I was in NYC some years back. I was too busy buying an SG from Sam Ash just up the road from Les's gig venue!

Romo - Word verification? Where? Have I implemented comment moderation?
Are you trying to tell me something?

Istvanski said...

Comment moderation is activated but I can't see wether word verification is or not.
Sod it, I'll sort it all out later. An afternoon of heavy drinking is about to take place.