Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Save Our Club

Desperate times need desperate measures.
Please sign the petition below to seek the Prime Minister's intervention to stop Crystal Palace football club from falling into the hands of the faceless financial businessmen whose only interest is monetary gain.
The Football Association do not seem to be helping this club - a club which has a long and proud history - that has served its community well for so many years. Ironically, Crystal Palace was just one of the London teams which contributed to the formation of The FA.
CPFC have not only enthused and encouraged youngsters in south east London through the excellent work of its respected youth academy, which has recently produced players like John Bostock and Victor Moses. This work has also had an effect internationally with the achievements at Crystal Palace Baltimore in the USA.
Our club needs your help. Whether you're a fan of the game or not, whichever team you may support, signing this petition is a demonstration against corporate greed whose only vested interest is the fatness of its wallet with little or no regard for the thousands of fans who will be utterly distraught if this club goes into liquidation.
Time is in short supply; thanks for reading this and please sign the petition below ASAP. In addition, please feel free to circulate this message via all means possible.


Piley said...

good luck Ist, Southend are in much the same perilous position. Sometimes, in my darkest moments I wonder if it'd be all 'for the best' if they were snuffed out, it's got the feel of an elderly relative on a life support machine. I don't want them to go, but I wonder if it'd put us all out of our misery if they did?? Sad times, and there will be more casualties...


Istvanski said...

It seemed to go a bit tits up for Southend when Freddy Eastwood & Jamal Campbell rice, the latter of which I rated highly as a player.

Piley said...

JCR certainly had some pace, although he wasn't always sure what to do with it. The addition of 'a ball' to his pace would sometimes fox him too. Freddie was amazing, the worst thing that happened to us (and funnily enough in some ways, the worst thing for him too) was being telivised live on Sky scoring a wonder goal against Man U. We lost our striker soon after, and Fred's never quite been the same man since.

Bob Mac said...

Best of luck with your campaign. The fat cats are spoiling sport.

Istvanski said...

Piley - Fred should've stayed at Southend. He's a Basildon lad, what in blazes is he doing in Coventry?

Bob - Cheers for your support, we've had a reprieve.