Friday, April 16, 2010

Harmonised Chaos Alive And Well In London Town

Big thanks to those who showed up, we actually made a bit of dosh from this one. Bad news is that most of the proceeds were drunk on the same night. Oh dear..


Momentary Madness said...

Ah sure why not.

Jayne said...

I'm sure y'all enjoyed yerselves & had a blast!
I trust you aren't suffering from a bitch of a hangover? hehehehe

Istvanski said...

MoMad - We feel duty bound to plough our takings back into Britain's fluid entertainment industry.

Jayne - The Sambucca and Absinthe nightcaps were never part of the gig ritual but they are now.

savannah said...

well done, sugar! y'all on youtube yet? xoxox

Istvanski said...

At the moment there is only footage of the old line up on YouTube, Savvy.



I Feel Like Jimmy White:

Do The Brane:


Piley said...

Look forward to reading the FULL review of the evening Ist... And post some of those youtube clips here ya lazy arse!! ;-)


Istvanski said...

Well Piley, as a matter of fact, our very own keyboards/guitar man Simon "Lord" Corbey has already answered your comment over on The Stabilisers' MySpace page. Over to you Simon...

"Our 5th gig with Ist on the axe, and our second, with Jon reunited with his favourite drug - lager. Our most shambolic gig, but most enjoyable, a great crowd, lots of dancing and a return to full health for Jon, who looked rather fab in his hand-made by darling wife, shirt. We kicked arse, reprieved Pirate and She's a Goth and played some new ones that we haven't written yet - well we haven't told Wicked Cool that we have written them at least, as once they are written,  then they own them. It felt like we truly are back on the road after Allan's departure...and we got paid.

Thanks to everyone for coming down, especially Carsten - it was good to see you all and thanks to the girls for the dancing.

BTW we've been told by WC that they won't be releasing our new stuff until 2011/2 - and so we want to licence our own stuff and harness our new band-like energy and churn out the hits. 
Boo took a video which might go up soon.    
We look forward to seeing you at our next gig on Saturday 24th April."

dh said...

Thanks for the youtube links Ist. Puts flesh on the bone so to speak.

rockmother said...

Sorry didn't make it - was stuck in a Barcelona motorway service station with a director who had lost control of his bodily functions - but that is another story. See you at the next one.

Istvanski said...

DH - All part of the service, Dick.

Sounds horrendous, Romo.
The recent report suggesting that 'TV is bad for your health' must be true then?

Bob Mac said...

You've got it right, spend your money on having a fun time, the fuckers (State) can't tax happy memories. Love this site even if I am an old bastard who's not on your wave length music wise.

Istvanski said...

Thanks, Bob.
I hear this new lot (state) are proposing cuts. Cutting peoples' ability to have happy memories via subsidised lobotomies.