Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Don't Like Your Sort Round Here

Click to enlarge if you're brave enough.


Piley said...

"oikbuster"!!! love it!!

New Labour, Conservatives, Liberals, bloody BMP... never has the title of your blog been so apt mate...


Jayne said...

I think the only good thing about this place (SA) now is that at least we can shoot-to-kill the hordes of criminals. Pity you guys haven't got that!

Istvanski said...

Piley - Funny that, mate. I've never been inspired to vote in a General Election ever. Growing apathy among the electorate is understandable specially from the middle aged voters but it's taken them all this time to suss out how futile it all seems. I've got a strong apathy gene in my make up regarding this stuff.

Jayne - We also have the same shoot to kill policy. Trouble is we get banged up if we get caught.

Robert Swipe said...

Mine went a bit skew-wiff, unfortunately Ister - bit like the last 10 years of Labour, really. There's a link to it in Geoff's comments bit for his similarly themed post, for what it's worth.

BMP? I like the sound of them!

(I thought it was usually spelt BPM - mind you, last time I went clubbing Althea & Donna were 'top of the hit pararde'...


Hurry up with that podcast, you scoundrel!!


L.U.V. on ya,


Istvanski said...

Bob - Geoff's Cameron is a winner. If his poster was a real one I'd be tempted to break a habit of a lifetime and actually vote...

...hang on. What *am* I saying?!? Sorry, I've not had my medication today.

Pod's on its way, I'm just settling in to record a few jingles.

It's good to have you back, Bob. I missed all that good natured banter we shared, you sad crossdressing wierdo.


PS: My legs are better than yours. So there.

Robert Swipe said...

Yeah, OK, you may have better legs than mine, but yours aren't made of *wood* are they, eh?? So yar boo sucks with knobs on (although the knobs are extra, obviously....)

I was tempted to go for the "I may be a posh cunt, but at least I'm not Gordon...." option, but we'll have enough of that once they name the date, I guess...

It's good to be back in the bosom of my family, Istster - in fact, if I'd known they were such nice bosoms, I'd never have run off with RealDoc.......

......*shit* ....*REAL* *DOC*....I knew I'd forgotten someone!

L.U.V. the Monochrome Set clip - you're did we miss that?

Glad you enjoyed the Mags too - I personally would rather have heard them do Give me Everything that S by B S. (But then, I *am* a wierdo, I suppose...)

L.U.V. on ya


p.s. Bazza's website's cooler than is LPs 9remind you of someone??)


Istvanski said...

"... but yours aren't made of *wood* are they, eh??"

These blonde money grabbing Geordie bints get everywhere...